Polio Eradication: Kabul, Afghanistan (29 Jun – 6 July, 2012)

Title: Support to the Independent Review Mission of the Polio Eradication Initiative in Afghanistan

PHSL Consultant: Carl Tinstman

Objectives: PHSL Consultant to serve as team leader for review of epidemiological situation of polio in Afghanistan in order to understand the upsurge of polio cases.

Team Outputs:

  1. Evaluate for each infected district / province the primary challenge(s) to achieving sufficient population immunity to interrupt the remaining poliovirus transmission
  2. Estimate the risks, consequences and responses to the spread of transmission outside the known reservoirs in the country including the international spread of wild poliovirus.
  3. Determine the factors critical for the campaign quality by reviewing (but not limited to) the management, supervision and implementation of SIAs.
  4. Propose area-specific actions and strategies for addressing the primary challenge(s) and any other major factors that are compromising population immunity and establish a plan to ensure these are fully implemented by district, provincial, national authorities.
  5. Outline actions WHO, UNICEF, and other GPEI stakeholders should take including advocacy at the sub-national, national and international levels to support implementation of the area-specific strategies, stop transmission and reduce the risks of international spread

Venue: Kabul

Client: WHO EMRO

Funding: WHO