PHSL provides technical assistance to the government of Oman to take measures against Maltreatment of Children in Oman

Child Maltreatment has been acknowledged as a problem in many societies and the government of Oman has been paying particular attention to this issue. According to the department of family and community health (DFCH) of Oman 230 cases of maltreatment has been reported between 2007-2010.

Public Health Solutions Ltd. (PHSL) has been contracted by UNICEF Oman to
1) Provide technical assistance for developing a strategic direction for the Health sector in assessing and responding to child maltreatment
2) To develop a training package based on the national Guidelines on Childhood Maltreatment.
3) To conduct a training of trainers workshop targeted at increasing the capacity of maternal and child health care providers to identify and respond to cases of childhood maltreatment.
The proposed period of contract is from April- November 2015.

As a part of the above contract, PHSL has already undertaken several activities including
• Desk Review of Maltreatment of Children, with situational analysis of maltreatment of women and children in Oman and,
• Development of ecological analysis of situation in Oman related to violence and toxic stress involving children
• Central level interviews with key stakeholders from DFCH, DGHA, Ministry of Health; Sultan Qaboos University Hospital; Oman Pediatric Society; Oman Medical Specialty Board; Ministry of Social Development, etc. to identify trainers, and to enumerate staff requiring capacity development and,
• Development of Strategic plan for improving identification, reporting and treating of Child Maltreatment cases by health and other professional staff.
• Development of training plan
• Development of training course curriculum has also begun.
• The Facilitation of Training of trainers, Supportive supervision and monitoring will be carried out in the coming months.