Chronic undernutrition in Mozambique: Maputo, (19 April – 26 May, 2010)

Title: Multi-sectoral planning to reduce chronic undernutrition in Mozambique

PHSL Consultant: Roger Shrimpton

Objectives: To outline, draft and prepare a final Plan of Action to be presented to the national Coordinating Committee in Mozambique.

Output: Plan of Action. The plan showed how to strengthen the capacity of government, communities and private sector so that service delivery mechanism for the three pillars of causality: food security; care for women and children; and health, water and hygiene services, could be strengthened and supportive of the delivery of the essential package of interventions. The capacities  considered include human resources, communication and mobilization, supervision, monitoring and evaluation as well as finances.

Client: UNICEF Mozambique

Finance: UNICEF