Stunting Reduction: Ethiopia 18 Feb – 4 March 2011

Title: Consultative workshop on ‘Accelerating Stunting Reduction Strategy for Ethiopia’

PHSL Consultant: Roger Shrimpton

Objectives: Facilitate a consultation workshop designed to produce the “Accelerating Stunting Reduction Strategy for Ethiopia”; key interventions and targets identified for accelerated stunting reduction; develop an action plan humanized with MDG and update the National Nutrition Programme (NNP) 2008 – 2013 in order to incorporate stuning reduction strategy/activities and give recommend relevant stunting indicator for incorporation into MHIS

Output: Workshop papers reviewed, Draft strategy document developed and final draft of strategy document and work plan harmonized with MDG

Venue: UNICEF, Addis Ababa Country Office

Client: UNICEF- Ethiopia

Financing: UNICEF