Development of competency based nutrition curriculum in Bangladesh

Public Health Solutions Ltd. (PHSL) was contracted by UNICEF Bangladesh to conduct a competency based nutrition curriculum in Bangladesh. During the period of the contract (March-October2015) several key tasks were carried including (i) producing an inception report with a detailed plan for implementing the training, (ii) developing a training matrix and a draft nutrition curriculum, (iii) training staff from three academic institutions.

As a part of the contract, training modules are being developed and translated into local Bangla language along with relevant field-testing with trained professionals.
This project engaged relevant health professionals, academics and practitioners.
A 9-day training workshop with staff from 3 academic institutes NIPSOM, IPHN, and ICMH was carried out titled “ Workshop for Implementation of Competency Based Training in Nutrition” with a follow up review meeting with the stakeholders.

The ongoing project will subsequently provide training of trainers in the districts in local language for the implementation of the Competency-based Training on Nutrition in selected districts.