Professional Profile

PHS' Professional Affiliates offer a wide range of senior expertise and academic knowledge combined with extensive experience in the Asia and Pacific Region.


Director, Stephen J. Atwood, M.D., F.A.A.P., Associate Professor of Public Health and Director of the Center for Global Health and Development at Thammasat University in Thailand where he teaches courses in the Masters in Public Health (Global Health)  (i.e., Diseases and Conditions of Global Significance,  Political Economy, Violence as a Global Health Problem, and Public Nutrition). He is a former Director of Pediatric Emergency Services at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center in New York City, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Columbia University (USA) and Director, Division of Education  at Babies Hospital of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. He was subsequently Head of CARE International’s and UNICEF’s health programs in India, and UNICEF’s Regional Advisor for Health and Nutrition in the East Asia and Pacific Region. Dr. Atwood brings 40 years of public health and nutrition experience in South, Southeastern, Central and Northern Asia, Africa and the Pacific to the company, including personal contacts with leaders in the health and nutrition field in over 20 countries, as well as counterparts in major development agencies and organizations. sja_cv brief 2012

PHS historically has drawn from a roster of international experts with skills and experience in:

  • Public Health Nutrition and landscape analysis
  • Design of health and public nutrition policy and  programs
  • Participatory training and learning
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Environmental issues and human security
  • Child protection, prevention and mitigation of child maltreatment.