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Health and nutrition programmes in Asia and the Pacific are facing an unprecedented expansion as the target date for the Millennium Development Goals approaches in 2015. However, key organizations in the Region have undergone or are in the process of major reorganizations that have, in some cases, led to a reduction in full time staff involved in the design, implementation, and monitoring of health and nutrition programmes.

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Public Health Solutions Limited (PHS) is an international consultancy firm focussed on health and nutrition in Asia, the Pacific, and Africa and dedicated to improving equity in access to health and nutrition by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of public and private systems. .

Founded in 2007, it has been active since July 2008 with successful contracts completed with UN Agencies, International Financial Institutions, and Academia.

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Health and Nutrition Information Systems, Monitoring and Evaluation are at the ...

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Indonesia’s rapid epidemiological transition has made non-communicable diseases (NCDs) dominant in the overall disease burden in the country. ...
PHSL works in Indonesia to support Interventions to Address Overnutrition, Non-Communicable Diseases and Adolescent Health and Nutrition in Indonesia (2014-2015)